Lamayuru to Padum Trek


About Lamayuru to Padum Trek

The classical Zanskar trek starting from Lamayuru Monastery. The trek passes over many high passes offering panoramic view of Zanskar Himalayas. Good Campsite being very near to the river feels like being very much near to the nature. Enroute visiting of Beautiful Monasteries like Alchi, Likir, and Regzong very close to the heart of Buddhist.



What’s included in the price:

Transportation both ways (to the starting point and coming back from the finishing point by Jeep)
Pack Horses
Cooking gears
Wildlife fees
Camping fees
And inner line permission where ever it’s needed.

Trekking Menu:

Our cooks are careful to prepare your meals with your enjoyment in mind. Typically these plentiful meals will be primarily vegetarian in nature with some meat or protein in the form of canned fish or tofu. This is typical of the Ladakhi diet in general.
Our cooks are encouraged to use hand sanitizers such as alcohol based gels prior to food preparation. You are encouraged to do the same. Dishes are typically stainless steel bowls and pans and are cleaned after meals with scrub pads and soap.
Our staff will provide rehydrating liquids in large quantities throughout your trek. Take advantage of tea, coffee, juice boxes and water whenever you can. At altitude it is typical not to feel much hunger or thirst. Make sure you stay adequately fed and drink plenty of fluids, both at meals and along the trail. During the summer, heat can be a real factor requiring significant intake of liquids while you trek. Carry 2 liters of water with you.


Breakfast :
Porridge, Cornflakes, Muesli, Bread, Apricot Jam, Honey, Butter, Peanut Butter, Cheese, Pan-Cake, Omelet, Tea and Coffee.
Lunch :
(You will have Pack-Lunch while trekking) Sandwiches, Boiled Eggs, Boiled Potatoes, Fruit Juice, Energy Bars/Chocolate Bars, Biscuits, and Peanut Candies. Tea Time :
You will have Instant Noodles Tea & Coffee with Biscuits, Snacks, and Cookies when you end the days trek.
Dinner :
Soup, Rice, Curry (Veg. Mushroom, Paneer, & Dal) Noodles (Thukpa & Chowmien) Veg Momos, Tuna Momos, Spring Rolls, and for Deserts Custards, and Fruits

Cocktail :
Please Note: All of the above items are served different on different days, and the items are subjected to the availability in the market.

Drinking Water : Being a local and an Eco friendly organization we encourage you to kindly use boiled water instead of plastic bottled mineral water coz that will help us to keep the trekking routes/environment clean For the first day we will provide two liters of pressure boiled water, and from 1st evening of the trek our staff will supply boiled water, the source would be either glacier or Spring and the supply will continue till the end of the trek.

Day to Day Program

Lamayuru to Padum Trek

  • Day 1

    Leh to Lamayuru (3600m) 7hrs. By taxi, on the way visit to Likir, Alchi and Rizong monasteries.

  • Day 2

    Lamayuru to Wanla (3250m) 3.-4 hrs.

  • Day 3

    Wanla to Hanupata

  • Day 4

    Hanupata to Photoksar

  • Day 5

    Photoksar to Sengge La

  • Day 6

    Sengge La to Styangs

  • Day 7

    Styangs to Lingshed

  • Day 8

    Lingshed to Nyetse

  • Day 9

    Nyetse – Pishu

  • Day 10

    Pishu to Karsha

  • Day 11

    Karsha to Padum

  • Day 12

    Padum to Raru (3800m) 5-6 hrs.

  • Day 13

    Rest at Raru

  • Day 14

    Raru toPepula

  • Day 15

    Pepula to Purne (3775m) 5-6 hrs.

  • Day 16

    Purne to Phuktal (3900m) to Purne 5 hrs.

  • Day 17

    Purne to Sking (4000m) 6-7 hrs.

  • Day 18

    Sking to Lhakhang (4450m) 6 hrs

  • Day 20

    Lhakhang to Ramjak (4300m) via Shinkunla 6-7hrs.

  • Day 21

    Ramjak to Palhamo (3700m) 5-6 hrs.

  • Day 22

    Pal Lhamo to Darcha (3300m) 3-4 hrs.