Nubra Valley

A magnificent valley filled with natural beauty in the lands of Jammu and Kashmir is the Nubra Valley. The name of the valley is derived from the Nubra River that flows through this splendid valley. Nubra Valley is fondly called the “Valley of Flowers” because of the numerous varieties of colorful flowers in the valley. The beautiful valley of Nubra is the confluence point of two crystal-clear brooks named Nubra River and Shoyok River. Situated in a close propinquity to the famous Siachen Glacier, the fascinating Nubra Valley has around its fringes, a military force. The Nubra Valley is one of the most famous tourist spots in Ladakh. The Nubra Valley in Ladakh is very fertile and as a result, one will come across many gardens of colorful flower and rich fruits. The mass scale tree plantation that took place in the past few years has rendered the Nubra Valley in Jammu and Kashmir, a new and a greener look. The engrossing valley of Nubra is a wonderful spot for sight seeing in the land of Ladakh. Everyone visiting to the pleasant land of Ladakh must take some time out and make a visit to the mesmeric Nubra Valley.


Reaching to Nubra Valley

The road journey to Nubra valley leads through the world highest motorable road, Khardongla Pass which is at a hight of 18380 ft above sea level and around 50 kms from Leh. After crossing the pass, you can have a view of Khardong village, Khalser and Deskit (the main villages of Nubra valley). The Deskit village offers Guest Houses and lower budget hotels. The Camel safari can be organized from Deskit to Hunder village for 2 hours. Hundar village has a small monastery and is located on the ancient Silk Route- an experience to share.

Places to Visit


The 350 year old,Diskit Monastery another major attraction that is regarded as the one of the oldest and largest Buddhist monasteries of the destination.


Have you heard of camels with two humps? Well, these double-humped camels are called Bactrian camels. But that is not the only reason they are special. These camels are found in cold deserts, where it never rains. In Nubra Valley in Ladakh one can find Bactrian camels. Far from a desert, the region is at an altitude of around 10,000 ft above sea level!enjoya rideof one of these unique camelsfound in Nubra valley.

Panamik/ Ensa Monastery:

Panamik is well known locally for hot springs that are associated with geothermal ventscurative, situated close to Siachen glacier, the highest battlefield in the world. Ensa MonasteryA 250 year old monastery which is situated near Panamik Village in Leh, Ensa Gompa is situated on the top of a rock that overlooks the snow covered mountains of the Nubra Valley. The Gompa has Buddhist murals which are the major attractions of the monastery.


Recently opened for tourists in 2010, Turtuk offers a much different landscape and cultural orientation than rest of the Nubra Valley. You can see apricot trees loaded around the entire village with views closer to Karakorum range.